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Dear Laura,

You are such a great massage therapist. I need to see you when I come to Kalamazoo. Moving to Holland has been great for me in many ways, but not great because it makes it difficult to see you. I saw 2 different massage therapists here in Holland and one was way too soft in her touch and one had a cold room—neither option suits me.Thank you for offering so many kinds of massage in a warm, gentle, relaxing environment. Can I have a hot-stone massage and a regular massage on the same day? My son and daughter-in-law are anxious to get in to see you for the couples massage soon too.

Blessings,Sally D

About 9 months ago I badly sprained my ankle. Rehab has been painful but I have been eager to get back into hockey, soccer, and especially this time of year snowboarding. When I found The Healing Oasis, I found that I could go longer without the severe burn, and the soreness after my workout lasted only hours rather than days. My improvement has sped up rapidly and now I am ready to hit the slopes. If you are recovering from an injury or you suffer from sore muscles see Laura at The Healing Oasis.
She will get your life back for you.

"Laura at The Healing Oasis was able to get the knots out of my back, which has given me back my activities." 
                                               - K. R.

I started ballroom dancing at the age of 58.  My instructor was 30 years my junior.  Since I had rhythm and dance ability, he pushed me very hard.  I started getting massages occassionally about the same time.  I realized how much Laura could relax me and work on the sore muscles at the same time. She works the kinks out of every part of my body.It has been so helpful that I increased the attendance to once a month and then to every other week. I am also a widow and sometimes have trouble sleeping.  The stress relief of a massage is just wonderful and truly helps me sleep better. I recommend massage therapy to everyone for whatever ails them.

Karen Rix

 My problem foot is feeling somewhat better than it has in a long time.  My son couldn't figure who was running up the stairs. 

Good job!! Stan C

Hi Laura
Good News to share. My tests all came back negative for more active cells. I am  on a oneyear check up now, yeah. Thanks for the massages they help.

"This is a letter of recommendation for the services of massage therapist Laura Rothwell.  Having suffered a knee injury requiring surgery, Laura treated my knee and increased the range of motion to almost normal, with minimal pain.  Before her care I was unable to bend the knee to comfortably walk up and down stairs.  Following another knee injury four months later, more damage to the low back, hip and the injured knee ensued.  After just one treatment Laura decreased my low back muscle spasms which allowed me to sleep and walk better.   My chiropractor told me she did an awesome job.  I look forward to the massage.  Not only is Laura compassionate about her work she is excellent in providing relief to sick and injured muscle, and done to your tolerance.  Laura works with me to make my rehabilitation possible."

                                 -Sally Farney Lett DC RN

"Laura Rothwell at The Healing Oasis is so good that she's the massage therapist the massage therapists go to!"

                                 -Warmest Regards,
                                   Bill Topp

Laura Rothwell is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. She was able to work out areas that I never thought possible. Laura is great with deep tissue and facial massage.  Her gentle yet firm touch coupled with the fact that she is very "tuned in" to the person she is working on makes me look forward to my visits to her each week. Laura makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what's going on with your body, but also in whom you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.

Laura Chang


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